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Freedom of movement at small spaces
A quadricycle with an electric motor is used in the city at public roads, categories B1 and M. The design complies with GOST R 51815
Class L7e based on UNECE Regulations
Use in closed areas thanks to the electric motor, small dimensions and low weight
Transformation of the structure: options without doors, without a roof, without doors and roof in various combinations, the possibility of expanding the luggage space
Integration of mobile devices into vehicle operation through applications, offline, manually, including for the disabled
Personalization and individualization of the design: color solutions, optional exterior and interior elements
without batteries, kg
Power, kW (hp)
Speed, km / h
(550 - cargo modification)
15 (20)
4 (5)
Not more than 45
Visitors and personnel of large closed areas: scientific towns and technoparks, production sites, hotel and medical complexes
Target group of Users
Young drivers using a small vehicle as the first car (light version allows to get the drive licinse of category M from 16 years) and as an everyday vehicle
The drivers of megacities, using a small vehicle instead of a rental bicycle, or a car
Details about the quadricle can be found in the company "Podkova.Technology"

The idea, constructive solutions and implementation were made by the
project team with the financial participation of the company "ONVEX".
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