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The completion information will be the first news on the Facebook page of the company.
The working group consisting of 8 people having the qualification and experience in
similar projects is engaged in the development of the design and promotion of the project. Key
specialists of the group:

The project manager - Sergey Nakonechny  (Ph.D., engineer-technologist-machine
builder, 17 years of professional experience in production and project management) - work planning
and coordination of work of the working group, provision of resources.

Chief designer - Rodion Suleymanov  (mechanical engineer, 12 years of professional
experience in automotive engineering) - industrial design, system engineering, PLM, coordination of
three technical specialists:
engineer in power calculations;
engineer for the design of subsystems;
engineer of technological preparation of production.

Commercial Director - Oleg Smolev  (economist, 15 years of experience in commercial
projects) - business planning, product positioning and sales organization, co-ordination of
commercial employees:
specialist in interaction with suppliers;
specialist in market analysis.
Project group
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